WebSMS is to help organizations using computers sending bulk SMS messages to mobile recipients without the need to install any software, just you only log in our company web portal and send messages online, which is simple and convenient. Features include sending SMS, address book, predefined content management, scheduled SMS management, free OFCA do-not-call registers filtering service, query of delivery results, usage statistics and account remained balance display etc.

  • Send international SMS, including Hong Kong, China and Macau etc;
  • Supports instant delivery, single scheduling and multiple scheduling, which can be used for birthday greetings or end of month payment reminders;
  • Support merged SMS, the content of each SMS can be merged to personalized message according to the uploaded data variables;
  • Support chain SMS up to 3 messages, where the length of English and Unicode messages are 459 and 201 characters respectively;
  • Customized SenderID (company name or mobile phone number) and China SMS signature prefix;
  • Query and Excel export replies from 2-Way SMS Service;
  • Provide OFCA do-not-call registers free filtering service;
  • Setup SMS "Validity Period" to avoid the sending of disturbing SMS in midnight, and reduce the probability of telecommunication operators to send duplicated messages to roaming customers;
  • SMS support Unicode to use Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese etc;
  • Provide address book function divided into groups and recipients with the functions to add, delete, modify and Excel import;
  • Support quick Excel import of mobile phone number for single delivery;
  • Support blacklist function, which can be manually added, deleted, Excel imported and automatically insert;
  • Support predefined content management;
  • Support for scheduled SMS management, which can delete scheduled SMS messages that have not been sent yet;
  • Support login IP whitelisting management;
  • Provide usage statistics and Excel export for the past 2 months records;
  • Provide the detailed delivery reports and Excel export for the past 2 months records, including detailed failure reasons, such as handset off, roaming, number unsubscribed and messages blocked by telecommunication operators etc;
  • Provide SMS tracking function by conditions of "SMSDID" and "Mobile number" with Excel export for 2 months records;
  • Remained account balance is displayed instantly on the web page;
  • Support SSL encrypted transmission;
  • Support for the sending of ported mobile numbers.