MISSMS API is a SMS Application Programming Interface (API). Apart from using our web portal to send out SMS messages, customers can also develop their own SMS systems through our interface protocols (SOAP, HTTP & SMTP). The features include sending of SMS, query of SMS delivery report and account balance. At the same time, we also provide manuals and samples based on these interfaces, such as VB.Net, C#, Java, VB, VC, ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, Perl.

  • Log in verification;
  • Send international SMS, including Hong Kong, China and Macau etc;
  • Support for instant and scheduled delivery;
  • Support chain SMS up to 3 messages, where the length of English and Unicode messages are 459 and 201 characters respectively;
  • Customized SenderID (company name or mobile phone number) and China SMS signature prefix;
  • Provide OFCA do-not-call registers free filtering service;
  • Customized web callback to receive delivery report;
  • Query for SMS delivery report;
  • Query for remained account balance;
  • API credential supports connected IP whitelisting management;
  • Support SSL encrypted transmission;
  • Support for the sending of ported mobile numbers.