2-Way SMS

2-Way SMS provides a dedicated mobile phone number to receive SMS replies, which can be immediately forwarded to the customer via web callback, email or other means to instantly access the content through our web portal. As our SMS system provides customized SenderID setting, you simply set it as your own mobile phone number, then you may receive any reply, which is simple and straightforward. However, if there are too many replies, you can rent an dedicated mobile phone number and use our program to receive replies instead of the inconvenience of receiving by handset device. This dedicated mobile phone number belongs to Hong Kong region and it can receive local and overseas SMS messages free of charge.

  • Receive SMS replies from any region, using Unicode to represent the content, support Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese etc;
  • Can receive chain SMS up to 3 messages totally 459 characters;
  • To read replied content through web portal;
  • Forward replies immediately via web callback and email.

Connection mode
  • Directly connection to local telecommunication operator using SMPP protocol;
  • Receive rate is around 30 SMS per second;
  • Provide Hong Kong area numbers only.