1. I would like to be normal user. What are the procedures?
    • Setup a trial account and get HK $5 for testing: New user sign up;
    • After testing and confirm to use our service, please submit a copy of the business registration certificate by email to Customer Service cs@meteorsis.com to register as normal user. Meanwhile, you may set up at most 5 SenderID with a length of 11 alphanumeric characters or 11 numeric valid mobile phone number;
    • Once the document has been approved, you may start to top up for your testing account above. The payment mode is prepaid and there is no expiry day on top up amount: Price List;
    • After payment, please send the payment receipt by email to Customer Service cs@meteorsis.com and fill in the log in name, purchased product and contact information: Payment Method;
    • Once the payment is confirmed, the top up amount is updated in 10 minutes;
    • If you have to send bulk SMS by using WebSMS, please login our web portal: Log in system;
    • If you have to send verififcatin code by using MISSSM API, please go to Resource Center to download manuals and samples for reference, and the fourth item is HTTP API Manual: Download File.

  2. Why a SMS has been sent out but recipient has not received it?
  3. SMS messages are usually sent to the recipient device immediately, but if the number has been deactivated, the device is turned off, or the SMS box is full etc, then delivery time and results are affected. Under the validity period of 1 - 23 hours, if the transmission fails for the above reasons, the supplier's SMSC will resend these messages. After the validity period, this message that failed to be transmitted will be marked as "EXPIRED" and will not be sent again anymore. Each message has a unique message ID for identification, this ID can be used to track its delivery status, the failed reason for the transmission, and charged amount.

  4. Is there any characters limit on SMS?
  5. Yes. For Hong Kong and foreign SMS, an English message is 160 characters long; Unicode (for example: Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese) has a length of 70 characters, including text, punctuation, spaces and line break. This is the length of one single SMS, where one SMS amount is deducted. Since the system supports chain SMS function up to 3 messages, so three SMS amount will be deducted on this case, that means English and Unicode are 459 and 201 characters respectively. For China SMS, its English and Unicode characters length are the same with a maximum length of 459 characters equal to 8 messages. Details are as follows:

    Hong Kong and Foreign
    Message number Unicode English
    1 70 160
    2 134 306
    3 201 459
    4 -- --
    5 -- --
    6 -- --
    7 -- --
    8 -- --
    China (Exclusive signature prefix)
    Message number Unicode English
    1 62 62
    2 120 120
    3 180 180
    4 240 240
    5 300 300
    6 360 360
    7 420 420
    8 459 459

  6. Do you provide phone numbers database?
  7. No. Customers need to use their own phone numbers for sending messages.

  8. Is there any sponsored SMS for charity organizations?
  9. Yes. We support charity business. All charitable organizations can obtain an extra amount top up for HK $200 for the first purchase and an extra 10% amount top up for every purchase. Organization has to provide certificate issued by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department that it is tax exempted.

  10. Can I provide the phone numbers and SMS content to your colleagues and ask them to send for me?
  11. No. The entire process of sending messages is handled by customer, including logging in to the website, uploading phone numbers, entering SMS content, and pressing buttons. The advantage of this is that our staff can avoid contact with customers' valuable information, and also reduce unnecessary disclosure of data through email transmission in order to protect the privacy of customers.

  12. How do you protect the customer privacy and ensure that the data is not disclosed?
  13. We value customer privacy and concern about the protection of data transmission. These are the technical safety and code of practice as below:

    Technical safety

    • All data transfer is encrypted with SSL;
    • Account password is only sent to the customer registered mobile phone number by SMS;
    • System records the source IP address and date time of each connection access;
    • System limits the source IP address of each connection access;
    • System only keeps the latest 2 months of delivery records.

    Code of practice

    • We do not provide service of phone numbers database and it is clearly stated on the website.
    • Our staff will not help customers to send out messages, and customers have to process by themselves in order to avoid the contact with customers' valuable information by our staff;
    • All front line staffs who provide customer service are trained, and only they are authorized to access customer data. Moreover, our system only display the first 5 characters of SMS content during assistance;
    • We are the licensee of OFCA IVANS and the license number is 1449. Our company system structure safety and data processing procedures are strictly in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority, and we are reviewed and renewed annually by the relevant authorities;
    • We protect your privacy rights in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) and the internationally recognized Privacy Policy for Personal Data.

  14. Can I send SMS message in other languages besides English?
  15. Yes. Our system supports Unicode including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.

  16. How do I send messages to multiple different recipients?
  17. Within the WebSMS, you can upload Excel file with one mobile phone number per line. Each file is limited to a maximum size of 4 MB, which contains approximately 50,000 numbers.

  18. Can recipient replies a message after receiving the SMS?
  19. Yes, you can use your registered mobile phone number to receive any reply, just you set the SenderID to this number. In addition, you may also use our 2-Way SMS service to do it.

  20. Can I send SMS to foreign country?
  21. Yes, you may send SMS to multiple countries, including Hong Kong, China and Macau etc. For details, please refer to file Network Coverage

  22. I have sent a SMS and observed there are different SMS delivery status occurred, named "RETRY", "EXPIRED", "DELIVERED" etc. What do they mean?
  23. The SMS is uploaded by the user to the server of the company and then to the telecommunication operators. There are many steps. The details are as follows:

    Code Status Explanation
    1 UPLOAD FAILED Message is failed to be transmitted to our SMS system.
    2 UPLOAD SUCCESS Message is succeeded to be transmitted to our SMS system.
    3 SCH-EDULING Message has been saved in our system, and it will be sent on scheduled date time.
    4 PRO-CESSING Message is being sent to telecommunication operator.
    19 RETRY Message has been sent to telecommunication operator, but it does not terminated to handset, maybe the handset is off, line forward or message box is full. However, the message will be resent again within 1 - 23 hours.
    20 EXPIRED The validity period of 23 hours have been passed, the message is still not terminated to handset, so it is canceled.
    21 UNDEL-IVERABLE The message is undeliverable to handset, maybe the number is unsubscribed or no service, or even recipient requires telecommunication operator to block such disturbing promotional message.
    22 DEL-IVERED Message has been terminated to handset.

  24. Will the SMS be charged if it is sent out failed?
  25. Here the definition of "failure" is that the SMS has been sent out from system to telecommunication operator, but it cannot reach the mobile phone, such as the number has been deactivated, the device is off and line forward etc. In this case, this message will be charged and failure reason is provided. On the other hand, if the SMS has not been sent from system, then it will not be charged, for example the incorrect format of mobile number, insufficient account balance or the exceeding of SMS charge against the account setting of single SMS charge upper limit and so on.

  26. What is the SMS validity period?
  27. SMS validity period means the maximum period kept in the delivery queue for next resending after the message has been transmitted to telecommunication operator but the message is failed to handset on first delivery. The longer the validity period, the higher the chance that the client will receive the SMS. On the other hand, if the validity period is short, it can reduce the probability of telecommunication operators to send duplicated messages to roaming clients, and delivery result will be known earlier. The recommended time is 120 minutes, it is applicable to Hong Kong and foreign messages only. In addition, the validity period will vary depending on telecommunication operators policy.

  28. If a SMS is resent by teleommunication operator, will there be an extra charge for each retry?
  29. No. Our system will only charge the message on first time delivery.

  30. Why does sending a SMS failed to some mobile numbers belonged to 1-Card-2-Number type?
  31. This depends on whether the telecommunication operator supports the SMS gateway for both networks. Usually only one network is supported within both numbers. If you send a message failed on a certain number, you can try to send the message to another mobile number of this card.

  32. Why does China SMS not support SenderID and SMS content will be added "[慧昇資訊]" automatically as the signature prefix?
  33. Because China strictly manages and filters SMS delivery, so telecommunication operators must ensure the source of each SMS sent out. Therefore, we cannot customize to set SenderID and it is replaced by a traceable gateway number instead. As for the signature prefix, this is the requirement of telecommunication operators, so that recipients can know the source of the SMS.

  34. Can I change the signature prefix in the China SMS from "[慧昇資訊]" to my company name?
  35. Yes. Staring from July 22, 2015, we support the setting of signature prefix service for China SMS. Details are as below:
    • The SMS SenderID is still a random gateway number;
    • The SMS content will be added a signature prefix automatically in the format of "[Company Name]";
    • Customers who apply for a customized signature prefix, the signature is your company name and they are 3 to 6 Chinese and English characters. In addition, this signature must be consistent with the company name in your business registration certificate;
    • Customers who own a customized signature prefix can send notification as well as non-sensitive industries promotional messages;
    • Customers who do not apply for a customized signature prefix, the signature content will be "[慧昇資訊]";
    • Customers who do not own a customized signature prefix can send notification messages only;
    • Recipients cannot reply your SMS;
    • Support for chain SMS function;
    • The first SMS length is still 62 characters, and message can up to 8 messages totally 459 characters;
    • If there is any remained characters in the SMS message, the gateway will automatically add the unsubscribed method "/退訂回T". This setting does not reduce the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the content, and there is no additional charge on message;
    • The SMS delivery status is only "DELIVERED" and "UNDELIVERABLE"; and message is not charged if its delivery status is "UNDELIVERABLE";
    • SMS can only be used for formal industry notification purposes. Marketing messages of sensitive industries will still be blocked, and messages about pornography, gambling, drugs, loans, stocks, online games, making friends and rebates are strictly prohibited. Moreover, content cannot include any keyword listed in China SMS Illegal Keyword Library;
    • Customer can check online whether your SMS content includes illegal keywords: Illegal keywords online checking;
    • The definition of "Sensitive industries" is determinted by telecommunication operators, and message content has to be submitted to customer service for review before sending;
    • The fee to apply for a customized signature prefix is HK $2,000. If customer top up account HK $20,000 or above, the application fee is waived;
    • It takes 4 to 7 working days to apply for a customized signature prefix. We will handle the documents and payment fees for customer with China telecommunication operators;
    • Once the signature prefix has been confirmed but you need to change this name again, a new business registration certificate submission and payment is required.

  36. Why does China SMS not support SMS true delivery report?
  37. This is because China SMS transmission volume is very large, and the daily transmission volume is as high as 2.6 billion. The true delivery report service is an additional network burden for the telecommunication operators, so it is not supported.

  38. Since China SMS is easily to be filtered, any methods to improve it?
  39. The reason why the SMS is filtered is mainly that the content is illegal and the identity of the recipient is sensitive. For the content of SMS, telecommunication operators have developed China SMS Illegal Keyword Library. Before sending a message, please make sure that the content does not contain any illegal keyword. In special occasions, such as the Olympic Games or the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, more illegal keywords will be added suddenly but the library is still not updated. Customers can only find out through the SMS error code and contact our customer service to know such additional illegal keywords. As for the identity of the recipient, for example, the telephone number is belonged to a government official or the recipient has complained about the spawning of SMS before, and even replied to reject the receive of such messages, then telecommunication operators will also filter these numbers by default. In the same way, please contact our customer service, let us explain with telecommunication operators on these numbers, and then put them on white list to solve it.

  40. What are the differences between the Hong Kong Business Route and the Hong Kong Economic Route?
  41. In the past, the route for customers to send Hong Kong SMS was "Hong Kong Business Route". This route is slightly more expensive, but it is stable and supports a variety of SMS features, making it ideal for important notifications purpose. As for the "Hong Kong Economic Route", the price can be more favorable due to the elimination of SenderID registration and extra network traffic spent on delivery report acknowledgment, so it is suitable for mass promotion.

  42. One of the departments in our company is your normal user. We would like to setup a new account for another department to use. We both share the account balance, but the delivery results are not disclosed to each other. Is it possible to do it?
  43. Yes, our system supports sub account function. Both account balances can be trasferred to each other, but their account profiles, addressbook and delivery results are not disclosed to other parties. The first account you setup before is called primary account, and the newly opened accounts are called sub accounts. The new sub accounts must also be registered through New user sign up , then send an email to "cs@meteorsis.com", indicating the login names of primary account and its sub account. Our customer service will process the application and it will take 1 working day to process without additional charge. Here you are reminded that the transfer request of account balance has to be operated by customer service manually by email or telephone, and the website does not support customers to operate by themselves and there is no relevant transferred record kept in the system.

  44. What is "Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme"? Is it necessary to apply it before sending SMS? What are the procedures to apply it?
  45. The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) announced the "Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme" on Dec 20, 2024, and it will first be implemented in the telecommunications, banking and government departments sectors with a view to helping members of the public verify the identities of SMS senders and beware of call and SMS scams. Under the Scheme, all Registered Senders will use "Registered SMS Sender IDs" with the prefix "#" to send SMS messages to local subscribers of mobile services. However, this scheme is not a mandatory policy towards companies other than the above sectors. So, you may still to send out SMS using SenderID without prefix "#". If you confirm to apply this scheme, steps are as below:

    • Firstly, you have to register SenderID with prefix "#" through OFCA and get the approval from them.
    • After the success of your application, you have to prepare Letter of Authorisation to Meteors Information Systems Limited. We will pass this document to our Registered SMS Service Provider (RSSP) partners and send a copy to you by email.
    • We wait for the technical adjustments from RSSP, then you may start to send out such SMS using SenderID with prefix "#".

    For the updated "Short Message Service (SMS) Sender Registration Scheme", please visit the web page Registration of SMS Sender IDs.

  1. There are only the last 2 months of delivery records viewed on the website. Can I view more records 2 months ago?
  2. For security reasons, the system automatically deletes the delivery records 2 months ago, so you cannot retrieve any record prior than 2 months before. We recommend that customers download relevant records on a regular basis.

  3. I forgot the log in password of WebSMS and I try to retrieve it, but the system returns the message "Failed to retrieve the password. Error: 16 - Insufficient Balance". What does it mean?
  4. When you try to retrieve the password, system will send it by SMS and deduct the amount at your account. However, your account does not have enough balance, so this error message is shown. Please contact our customer service to solve this issue.

  5. Why chain SMS is supported up to 3 messages only?
  6. A chain SMS is a combination of multiple single SMS messages. In theory, the number of SMS messages can be more. However, as long as one of the single SMS messages is delayed to handset or lost, the entire chain SMS will be failed. According to our experience, the chain SMS of 3 messages can maintain the highest deliverable rate.

  7. Can I set the SMS SenderID by myself?
  8. You may set at most 5 SenderID for each account. When sending a message, you have to choose one of them as the SenderID. However, the characters of SenderID must be set by our staff, you cannot set them by yourself. Moreover, please note that this SenderID must match the name of your company's business registration certificate.

  9. Can I delete or modify the scheduled SMS?
  10. Within the WebSMS, you can delete SMS messages scheduled for 1 hour afterwards but it does not support modification. For scheduled SMS messages that need to be deleted within 1 hour, you can contact our customer service for processing, but there is no guarantee that they will be deleted, as it depends on the support by the telecommunication operators.

  11. How many working days are required to use the 2-Way SMS service?
  12. It takes 5 working days.

  13. Do you provide the service that recipient gets a SMS message and such message fee is passed to the recipient?
  14. No.

  15. Do you provide Location Based Service?
  16. No.

  17. Do you provide Multimedia Messaging Service?
  18. No.

  19. Do MISSMS API support WAP Push?
  20. No.

  21. Do MISSMS API support SMPP connection?
  22. No.

  23. How long can the scheduled time be set?
  24. The scheduling time can be as long as 5 years.

  25. If the SMS scheduling time is earlier than the current time, will the SMS be delivered as usual?
  26. Yes, it will be sent out immediately.

  27. If the amount required for the sending exceeds the remained account balance, can it be transferred successfully?
  28. Before sending messages, if the amount required exceeds the remained account balance, system will reject your submission. During the delivery, if your account balance is negative, the remained messages will not be sent, where their delivery status are "UNDELIVERABLE" with error code "Insufficient Balance", and they will not be charged. Even you have top up your account again, these unsent messages still will not be processed any more.

  29. The messages have been stopped to be processed due to insufficient balance before, but the account has been top up again. Is there any way to resend these messages?
  30. For WebSMS, you may select "Delivery Result" > "Period Search" > "Query" to find out the relevant delivery results first. In the column "Action", click "Resend", check the box of "Insufficient Balance", and click "OK" button. The system will automatically extract these numbers which fulfill the above condition and relevant settings on this batch as a new delivery. Next, customer sends this new batch to continue.

  31. I use my personal mobile phone number as the SenderID in order to get reply from someone else. Someone has really replied, but I do not receive such message. why?
  32. You need to set your SenderID using your mobile number plus the country code, for example 85299887766 where "852" stands for Hong Kong. In addition, this SenderID contains numeric characters only without characters of "+" or "–".

  33. Do you provide OFCA do-not-call registers filtering service?
  34. Yes, this service is free of charge.

  35. Based on the OFCA Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance, what settings are required for SMS content to meet such requirements?
  36. OFCA for Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance are only applicable to non-member recipients. For SMS content requirements, the guidelines are as follows:
    • to provide clear and accurate sender information in the message;
    • to provide an unsubscribe facility and an unsubscribe facility statement in the message;
    • to honour unsubscribe requests within ten working days after the request has been sent;
    • not to send commercial electronic messages to any telephone or fax number registered in the Do-not-call Registers starting from the tenth working day of its registration, unless consent has been given by the registered user of the relevant telephone or fax number;
    • not to hide the calling line identification information when sending messages from telephone or fax numbers; and
    • not to send email messages with misleading subject headings.
    In brief, you at least have to add "EN/UNXXXXXXXX" at the end of the SMS content, where "en" stands for "Enquiry", "un" stands for "Unsubscribe", and "XXXXXXXX" is your hotline number.

  37. If my client has verbal or written commitment to receive my promotional message, but he has also registered the OFCA do-not-call registers filtering servicer, can I still send message to him?
  38. Yes you can. Client's verbal or written commitment to receive your promotional messages has overrided the limits of OFCA do-not-call registers filtering service.

  39. What are the restrictions on the format of the SMS SenderID?
  40. The length of the SMS SenderID is 11 alphanumeric characters or 11 numeric valid mobile phone number, and Chinese characters as well as punctuations are not accepted. For the allowed characters of alphanumeric SenderID, you can include "A-Z", "a-z" and "0-9".

  41. What is the difference between the total number of message and the total charge of message in the delivery record?
  42. The total number of message and total charge of message mean the total number of messages in a batch delivery and total amount required to send this batch respectively. As the message charge will vary based on the length and destination of the SMS content, so the total charge is usually more than the total number.

  1. How fast does your system to send SMS? How long does it take if I want to send 10,000 messages?
  2. The system sends a message at a speed of about 1 second for processing 10–20 SMS to reach the SMSC of telecommunication operators. It should be noted that the exact time for receipient to receive a message depends on the networking quality of telecommunication operators and traffic congestion at the time. Generally, it takes about 10 minutes to process 10,000 messages.

  3. In WebSMS, how do I quickly import a large number of phone numbers?
    • In the menu above, first select "Web SMS" and then "Broadcast SMS";
    • At the phone number textbox, press the "Quick Import" button located at the lower right corner postion;
    • Upload a CSV or XLS file with 1 mobile phone number per row, in which the file size is limited to 6 MB and includes approximately 50,000 numbers;
    • If there is no country code in the phone number, please select one in the combo box "Default Country Code";
    • Press "OK" to return to the "Broadcast SMS" interface, then the number in the file will be added in the phone number textbox.

  4. If I use the MISSMS API to send SMS, and the total phone numbers in a batch is more than 100, which API is better?
  5. If the total phone numbers in a batch is over 100, WCF SOAP is recommended. SOAP is transmitted in XML, and one file can include a lot of phone numbers without limitation. On ther other hand, if you send messages using HTTP API, each URL is limited to a maximum of 20 phones numbers, which requires multiple devliery.

  6. Our system sends SMS via the SMTP API, sometimes clients receive repeated SMS messages. Why?
  7. Firstly, the SMTP API is a connectionless transmission, it means our system cannot response to your request immediately. According to the descriptions of SMTP API manual, our system will reply to your email and inform you whether your request has been successfully handled. If the information is correct, the email content will include the message ID called SMSD ID. Since the replied email may be lost or delayed, your system thinks that the initial email delivery is failed and then resend the request again, so that the repeated SMS will happen. Here you are suggested to use WCF SOAP or HTTP API in order to alleviate this situation and enhance the security of data transmission.

  8. In WebSMS, there are two items of information called "Status" and "Error Code" in delivery results. What is the difference?
  9. The status of a SMS includes "RETRY", "EXPIRED", "UNDELIVERABLE" and "DELIVERED" etc, which indicates whether the message has arrived at the mobile device or not. If it still hasn't arrived, then whether telecommunication operators will continue to resend or not. As for the error code, it is the reason to explain for such status, for example, the mobile phone is turned off, the networking signal is bad, line forward, phone number is unsubscribed or deactivated etc.

  10. I send a SMS to my personal mobile number but I can't receive it. In addtion, your system shows the message status is "EXPIRED". What can I do?
  11. Firstly, you have to confirm that there is no any application in mobile phone which blocks the receiving of SMS abnormally and your phone is not line forward. Then, you are suggested to delete the old messages and large size of video files in phone, and then switch it on and test again. If the problem still persists, you may insert your sim card to another phone for testing. If messages are still undeliverable, please report this issue as soon as possible via email to cs@meteorsis.com or hotline 852-27793760. After receiving the report, we will contact with telecommunication operators for investiagtion.

  12. I send a SMS to my personal mobile number but I can't receive it. Actually, I confirm the phone works properly and it can receive SMS from others. In addtion, your system shows the message status is "DELIVERED". What can I do?
  13. Firstly, you have to confirm that there is no any application in mobile phone which blocks the receiving of SMS abnormally. Then, you are suggested to delete the old messages and large size of video files in phone, and then switch it on and test again. If messages are still undeliverable, please report this issue as soon as possible via email to cs@meteorsis.com or hotline 852-27793760. After receiving the report, we will conduct a series of testings on this phone number by sending multiple messages using different SenderID, content and routes at different time intervals. Meanwhile, please reply our email from customer service to confirm which test result is failed or not. After collecting the latest information, we can escalate the case to telecommunication operators to find out the exact reason and know how to solve it.

  14. I send a SMS to my personal mobile number and I can receive it properly. However, its SenderID is not consistent with my delivey setting. What can I do?
  15. Please report this issue as soon as possible via email to cs@meteorsis.com or hotline 852-27793760.

  16. I send a chain SMS to my personal mobile number and I can receive it properly. However, it is seperated into serveral single SMS. What can I do?
  17. Please report this issue as soon as possible via email to cs@meteorsis.com or hotline 852-27793760.

  18. I send a chain SMS, but the content shown on recipient is incomplete and the mobile phone displays "* Partial Text Loss*". Why?
  19. From view of recipient, a chain SMS appears to be one message, but technically it is a series of individual short messages combined. These individual short messages must all arrive at the mobile phone within a certain period of time, and then reorganized into a chain message based on the message header. The above case will happen if one of the individual SMS messages fails to be received. To solve this problem, recipients are suggested to delete the old messages and large size of video files in mobile phone first and then switch it on to test again. If the problem still persists, you may try reducing the total message number in a chain SMS.

  20. I have subscribed your 2-Way SMS service and have set up web callback to receive SMS reply.My client has replied, but I did not receive the web callback from you side. Why?
  21. Please check whether firewall of your system allows our IP to access. The IP of our system are, and

  22. My client repeatedly receives the same SMS. How to do?
  23. This situation usually occurs when client is in roaming status, the telecommunication operators in the two countries are not well connected where the message status status is not updated at the two sides, so the same SMS is repeated to be sent out. There are two solutions to solve it, they are immediacy and parameter setting before delivery.

    Client shuts down the device first, then waits for more than 30 seconds to turn it on again. Then the device registers with local telecommunication operator and clear the old data in device. In fact, this method is only applicable to some telecommunication operators.

    Account setting before delivery
    Our system supports the setting of "Validity Period" for SMS. This period refers to the time when a message is sent out but failed in temporary, and then it is stored in the SMSC of telecommunication operator. During this period, the SMS will be automatically resent until the success delivery or this period time has passed. The shorter the period, the less chance that a telecommunication operator will send repeated messages to a roaming client. To set this period time in WebSMS, the steps are "User Profile" > "Account Setting" > "SMS Validity Period", and change to "10". (* means 10 minutes, the less the better)

  24. In WebSMS, a line break is counted for 2 characters in your system. However, line break is counted for 1 character only at other websites. Why?
  25. In the GSM alphabet system table, the line break includes "CR" and "LF" for a total of 2 characters. In other websites, such as those running on the Linux operating system, it has only "CR" character. You can refer to this Website to understand how line break is stored on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

  26. We use the MSISSM API to send SMS, but we cannot connect to your website. How to solve?
  27. If the API cannot connect to our website, there are usually only two reasons, they are firewall blocking or domain name resolution error.

    Firewall blocking
    Firstly, your website is allowed to access our IP, including, and In addition, if you can connect our website before, but suddenly there have been problems in the last few days, and you have not changed the settings of your system at the same time, then it should be due to excessive connections to our IP in a short period of time, so our networking router block them at that moment. Please contact our customer service to unblock your IP.

    Domain name resolution error
    Please confirm that the domain name of API is www.meteorsis.com, and the IP address resolved by the name server are, and Also, please check if the hosts file is filled with the wrong information.

  28. I use Java program to send a SMS via HTTP SSL, but exception occurs, its content is "avax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: Unable to find valid certification path to requested target". How to solve?
  29. The problem is that your computer connects to our website via SSL, but you have not installed the relevant certificate. The solution is as below:
    1. Export the certificate from our website;
    2. In the Linux terminal or Windows cmd, type "keytool -import -alias (alias-name) -keystore (path-to-jre/lib/security/cacerts) -file (path-to-certificate-file)" to import the certificate. For example, "keytool -import -alias sunas -keystore /opt/jdk1.6/jre/lib/security/cacerts -file /home/gugrim/tmp/sunas.der", the default password is "changeit". For details, please refer to this URL.
  1. What is the price of sending SMS?
  2. For more information, please visit the web page Charge Detail‧Price List SMS‧Volume Charge

  3. What is the minimum amount for each account top up?
  4. The account top up amount is at least HK $300.

  5. I would like to top up my account, how to pay?
  6. For more information, please visit the web page Charge Detail‧Payment Method

  7. Can I top up first and pay later?
  8. No. Our payment model is prepaid.