Company Profile

Founded in 2003, Meteors Information Systems Limited provides design and development of system integration services related with SMS applications, including a range of commercial and mobile network marketing projects based on the customer's existing computer systems and business needs (M-Marketing). We have many years of experience in IT system integration, and we work with many telecommunication operators around the world providing customers a reliable and secure online SMS delivery platform.

In 2010, company was issued by the Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority (OFCA) the " International Value-Added Network Services (IVANS) Services-based operator licence, number is 1449. After that, we has become one of the recognized telecommunication service providers in Hong Kong. As the licensee of OFCA IVANS, company is responsible for protecting the privacy rights of its customers and ensuring that all transmitted materials are not used for sale, including registrant information, mobile phone number lists and message contents. On the other hand, in order to protect the rights of recipients, company also requires customers to prohibit spam and transmission of any illegal SMS content and clearly state the identity of the sender and the method to unsubscribe such messages.

The establishment of company confirms our commitment to provide customers with updated information technology and high-quality Internet value-added services. We protect the rights of customers and recipients, and to provide a healthier communication environment for the industry to achieve win-win results.